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School of Embodiment
& Transformative Arts

               Become A

  Master Of Transformation

  So That No Adversity Can

    Stop You From Building

           A Fulfilling Life

I Know How Discouraging It Can Be When
Conditioned Behaviors Or Trauma Stored In Your Body Sabotage Your Attempts At Creating The Kind Of

Fulfill your purpose and impact you want to have on the world
cultivate vibrant health
have the relationships, love, and community that you can be totally authentic within
build wealth and prosperity





& Impact


 You Know Deep Down You Were Meant To Have...

3 Common Pitfalls People Face When Trying

 To Transform Their Lives


Wasting Years & Money On Talk Therapy

Your analytical brain is no match for dealing with the true rulers of unconscious behavior (your nervous system, mammal, & reptile brain). Only body-based tools can access & heal these parts of you & prevent them from sabotaging the life you want.

Too Afraid To Be Authentic


People settle for subpar situations bc they are too afraid their authenticity will ruffle feathers, or their true desires will never be met. What you want only comes when you're aligned with your truth. Learn to become more unapologetically you.


Setting Goals You Never Reach


Willpower alone will almost never bring you to your goals & can erode your self-trust when it fails. Instead, learn a more intelligent & holistic system for transformation that will more smoothly deliver you to your destination.

 Embodiment Coaching Will Help You Avoid These Pitfalls & Many More.

Train Your Brain & Body To Create Transformation That Actually Lasts.


Here Are

4 Ways


I Can Help

1:1 Coaching 

3 Month Signature Somatic Transformation Coaching Program

Want to change jobs? Launch your own business? Heal trauma? Improve your health or relationships? Implement a vision or creative project? Expand Your Consciousness? Get expert, customized guidance that will accelerate transformation in any area of life.

It doesn't matter what area of life you pick. These tools work across the board! When you understand how to harness your body intelligences and master the principles of transformation, you will become powerful enough to consistently turn ANY adversity you face into a success story.

Annika Knepper Somatic Transformation Coach

Get the FREE
Video Course

A Free Fundamentals Video Course. Train Your Brain & Body to Consistently Overcome Diversity

Train Your Brain & Body to Consistently Overcome Adversity ~ The Fundamentals

In this 3 day video course, pick any area of life you want to transform and experience how applying the top 3 fundamental principals for transformation will start shifting your life today.

  • Train your brain to invoke neuroplasticity to get you out of stuck behavior patterns.

  • Teach your body to alchemize intense sensations so you're not controlled by fear.

  • Expand your body's capacity for pleasure so you can manifest & receive more of what you want.


Tired of listening to hour+ long podcasts with meandering conversations that only spew philosophy and withhold tangible tools & advice? Me too.

That's why I designed my podcast and Substack blog to be an accessible classroom, not a radio show. Each episode is a bite-sized 15-30min long lesson in embodiment & transformation packed with practical tools, downloadable meditations & homework you can immediately apply to your life today. Not only that, but it weaves in comedy and storytelling that makes it easy and fun to listen to!

DIY Podcast Classroom

The Road Home Podcast, a “do it yourself” online school that will teach you embodiment tools and principals of transformation

Want to Learn At Your Own Pace?
My Podcast & Blog Are Designed as an Online Classroom You Can Access Anytime


Hire Me As
A Consultant

Are You a Coach or Facilitator That Wants To Start or Better Lead Your Own Transformational Workshops or Circles?

facilitation workshop consulting for people who want to lead transformational women’s circles, men’s circles, or coed circles

Whether you are a novice or an experienced facilitator, I can help you up level your leadership skills & enrich your workshop content. I'll help you design and execute high integrity/ high value workshops or ongoing embodiment circles for women, men, coed, or queer groups that will deeply touch, transform, & impress your participants.

After facilitating tantra groups and embodied transformation workshops for 12 years to hundreds of clients & teaching dance for 8 years to thousands of students, I can show you exactly what soft and hard skills you need to be a compelling leader & make sure your attendees have a safe and life-changing experience.

of Transformation



TRAUMA HEALING: More Powerful Than Therapy

Annika's presence, deep grace, and powerful embodied wisdom make her such a joy to work with! She stayed present with me through upwellings of feeling and insight that were SO much faster and SO much deeper than I get to with my therapist! I experienced love and delight and emotional honesty in a way I hardly ever, ever get to!                                                                                      ~ Melissa R.      

Volcano Hiker

Working With Me Is



Schedule a Free 40 min Discovery Call


Time for me to hear about the areas of life you want to transform & how I can help you reach your goals


Get a Custom Roadmap Test Drive My Coaching

Try 2 introductory coaching sessions. Get a customized plan for your transformation & test drive my coaching content & style before signing up


Experience Profound Transformation 


In 3 months you will begin to move mountains you thought were immoveable and build confidence on the road to transformational mastery

Annika Knepper somatic transformation coach

It's Hard Enough Being Dealt Adversities That Get In The Way Of Your Dreams. You Don't Have to Transmute Them Alone.

Transformation doesn't happen in a vacuum. I wouldn't have been able to experience profound intimacy after years of emotional & sexual abuse, time & money abundance after years of financial scarcity, vibrant health after chronic digestion & food allergy problems, peace & trust amidst the loss of my brother, or mental health & stability after years of panic attacks, if it weren't for the guidance of my community & some incredibly unique mentors.


With their support, I was able to see how if I surrendered to the innate wisdom of my body, I could turn every tribulation into a portal for transformation. All of the answers to life's questions live inside of us. It's just a matter of how well we can listen.

Just like how bad dog behavior is not the dog's fault, but usually the fault of the owner who doesn't understand the psychology of the animal body, so too must we understand the psychology of our own animal bodies so they will cooperate with us better.


Because you see, our bodies are constantly talking to us through sensation, emotion, posture & imagery. Each organ has its own consciousness & intelligence (even the heart & gut have their own nervous systems) that are very different from the intelligence of the pre-frontal cortex (where most of us spend our time thinking, judging & analyzing.)


Ignoring the other intelligences of our body is like sitting in a board meeting with 10 people and only taking the advice of 1 of them. If you do that, chances are very high that your business will crumble because companies thrive on diversity of expertise. Similarly, when it comes to our body intelligences, if we ignore or suppress 9 out of 10 of them, they turn on us & self destruct just like a cancer.


Thankfully though, when we listen to, rehabilitate, & collaborate with them, they will take us to where we want to go. It's worked for me, and I've helped hundreds of clients and thousands of dance students (in my former life as a dance teacher) to reconnect with their bodies & experience profound shifts in their lives too. If you want to know how I can help you reconnect to your body & harness its transformative powers for a more fulfilling life, schedule a call with me today.

Free Course


Free Fundamentals


Train Your Body & Brain to Consistently Overcome Adversity

First Watch This Intro Video. Then When You Download This Free 3-day, Value Packed, 9 Module Course, You Will Learn How To...

  • Invoke neuroplasticity in your brain (and invoke it often) to free yourself from stuck patterns

  • Teach your nervous system to alchemize intense sensations so that fear doesn't control you

  • Expand your capacity for pleasure so you can receive more of what you want

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