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annika knepper somatic transformation coach

 Drastically Transform Your Life
By Learning How To Harness The Brilliant Intelligences Of Your Body & Mastering 
The 10 Principles Of Transformation 

  Are You Ready To Be Guided Home 
To Your True Nature? 



Your Body Is An Incredible Vehicle For Transformation. Do You Know How to Wield It?

I am passionate about helping you understand your body's transformational powers because I believe that you deserve to live a truly fulfilling life. One where...


  • Your authenticity is cherished

  • Your unique gifts are valued financially and emotionally

  • Healthy and vibrant relationships are the standard quo

  • Time to play and explore this world is abundant

  • Creating things like a family, art, a business, hobbies, projects, etc. is an empowering and fulfilling experience 

  • You are at peace with yourself, with Creator, God, The Universe, The Nature of Reality (whatever you want to call it)

life deals you a set of cards that create adversity

However, you were also dealt a hand of cards in this lifetime.


Unfortunately, some of those cards were hardships that conditioned you away from your true nature, created trauma, and undermined your ability to create a fulfilling life for yourself


your body is capable of profound alchemy and transformation

But what if you didn't have to resent the cards you were dealt because you became a badass alchemist

that could transmute

any pain into pleasure, love, and power? 

This alchemical mastery is what is possible for you if you have the courage to drop your addiction to intellect and reclaim the powerful, diverse expressions of intelligence

within your body​.

How it Works

No Amount of Willpower Will Change Your Life if Your Body Intelligences are Broken

Did you know that by directing your brain into a Theta brainwave you can unlock psychic insights for healing, decision-making, and manifestation?

Did you know that your emotions and nervous system are self-healing and designed to guide you on your life path?

Did you know your heart is a portal into unity consciousness?

Furthermore, your spine is a compass for truth, your gut helps you make decisions and hold boundaries, your womb/genitals magnetize and create things in the 3D world...


 And every single damn bone, muscle, organ, nerve, and cell is a magnificent design that supports hundreds of physical, and energetic intelligences that are all meant to SERVE YOU!

The intelligence of your heart
the intelligence of your pelvis
The intelligence of your gut

Within us is an immeasurable TREASURE TROVE of wealth. Most of us are unaware of this precious inheritance.

Religious, economic, and educational institutions, coupled with intergenerational trauma, has conditioned so many of us to neglect, break, and dissociate from our physiology.

This severing from our body is what renders our transformational efforts futile. Not only do we lose our power, but our bodies can become a living hell for our psyches.


How would you react if you were gifted an advanced spaceship at birth, capable of taking you anywhere and achieving anything?...




But society told you (fearing your potential) that in order to fit in, you needed to abandon it. They told you to ignore crucial alerts, discouraged you from learning to fly it, and even claimed that your ship belongs to them instead of you...

You'd tell them to back the F away from your spaceship, right? Well, this isn't just a metaphor; it's our bodies.


Neglecting them is absurd. Severing from our bodies makes transformation futile because you can't pilot a malfunctioning ship. To harness its power, you must understand and practice flying it!

your body is like a spaceship. To fly it, it can’t be broken
your body holds incredible intelligences

But intellectually knowing anatomical or medical information about the body is not the same as EXPERIENTIALLY KNOWING HOW TO INHABIT IT.


This is why we have a ton of doctors, scientists, and psychologists that don't actually know how to empower or heal people. Their schooling was book-heavy, and they aren't in their bodies either!


Our bodies, and the deeper folds of your mammalian and reptilian brain are incredibly powerful subconscious memory banks of sensation, experience, and intelligence.

Unless you know how to DIRECTLY work with and heal those parts of yourself using body-based transformational practices, they will compulsively override your prefrontal cortex/analytical mind, EVERY TIME. This is why people can be trapped in their struggles for years, decades, or even their entire lives.

So, If you've ever experienced the frustration of your health goals not coming to fruition, that strategy you devised with your therapist to improve your relationship failing, or that visualization you did on making more money doing jack shit for you...


What's wrong more likely, is what you've been led to believe about how transformation itself works, or perhaps you didn't receive any real education about it whatsoever.

In my 17 years of sampling hundreds of transformational modalities and working with myself, clients, and loved ones, I have come to discover 2 important keys...

don’t let your body trap your psyche

The Art & Science Behind Profound Transformation CAN Be Mastered





      As long as there is

A DEEP KNOWLEDGE and transmission of the PRINCIPLES of Transformation ITSELF


A dropping of the intellect, and a fully conscious, experiential SOMATIC RECLAMATION of your animal body

But before I tell you about how we're going to help you do that, allow me to share a little bit more about my journey with embodiment and transformation.

About Annika

My Personal Road Home that I'm still traveling


Before Being Conditioned By The World 


The Peak Of My Societal Conditioning 

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 11_edited.jpg

Peak of Panic Attacks/

Bordering Mental Illness


Peak of Chronic Digestive

Issues/ Food Allergies 


Returning Back To Health 

& My Truer Nature

My desire to understand transformation began in my preteens, following a betrayal within my family that led to an abrupt divorce.


Over the next couple of decades, my resolve to understand transformation strengthened as I sparred with other experiences of abandonment, debilitating social anxiety, depression, and sexual and emotional abuse.

I also faced eras of panic attacks & mental illness, financial scarcity, the sudden unexpected death of my brother, chronic digestive issues that made it almost impossible to eat anything, and a social cancellation.

However, with each little death I faced, I noticed that life would also simultaneously, graciously, offer me an opportunity to rebirth myself into something more powerful and whole.


Kind of in the same fashion as Morpheus from the Matrix, life would present me with two options at each threshold. Either I could...

Hardships are portals of transformation. You can remain victim to circumstance or become empowered

Remain a Victim to Circumstance,

 Ignorant of my Power & My True Nature 

Or I Could Undergo an Uncomfortable but Empowering Transformational/Awakening Process

Each time I summoned the courage to choose the proverbial red pill, interesting portals to deeper truths and transformation would open themselves to me in the form of people, books, workshops, or experiences.

One particularly impactful portal, was an epic 12-year-long underground tantric apprenticeship with a group of 20 people dedicated to exploring transformation and human consciousness within our bodies.

I left a formal university education to pursue this once-in-a-lifetime apprenticeship opportunity. My peers and I got to study a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting edge human psychology & consciousness practices.


We learned everything from healing trauma, creating intimacy and trust, & shifting states of consciousness without drugs... to re-programming attachment styles, manifesting, cultivating 'superpowers' like flow states, psychic senses, and so much more.

And with that incredibly supportive playground for human consciousness, we were all able to transmute some pretty fucked up conditioning we had inherited from society and embody our truer natures significantly more.


For me, I managed to

Heal divides within my family

Reclaim my body after sexual abuse & ability to experience pleasure, power, shamelessness, and intimacy

Cultivate relationships outside of traditional models that are free of jealousy, codependency, fear & control

Stop working for companies that sucked my time and energy & instead created multiple fulfilling and exciting businesses over the last 8 years 

Heal from a 1.5yr long era of panic attacks, sleeplessness, paranoia, and delusions, and become stable, grounded, and mentally healthy again

Stop attracting and enabling stalking behavior & discern through body language who to trust

Got rid of bad learning habits I picked up from school institutions, and revolutionized educational practices for the next generation during my time as a dance teacher

Dramatically increase my hourly worth and time freedom so that I can travel & follow my creative whims

Go from being Celiac, having chronic digestive issues & allergies in every food group, to being able to eat everything including wheat again

Reclaim an empowering connection to "God" free from religious dogma 

Overcome extreme social anxiety, shyness, & insecurity so I could comfortably connect, lead speak, educate & perform in front of large groups of people

Learn how to survive & thrive after a group cancellation attempt. To stop being artificially palatable, stay in my truth, & free myself from self-censorship

Disable perfectionism tendencies. Find confidence in my creative process around big projects

Find peace and joy amidst painful grief and loss (when my brother died or when relationships ended)

I share these experiences not to brag but to show what's possible. I believe that it is crucial to use discernment when choosing a trustworthy guide!


I personally like to pick mentors who can demonstrate with their lives, not just with their theories what is possible.


So if any of my stories pique your curiosity, and illuminate possibilities you can see for yourself, I would love to share more about how I guide people through their unique transformational journeys!

The Process

What Your Embodiment Journey Entails on the Road to Alchemical Mastery

1. Step One

Reclaim Your Relationship to Desire

The road to transformation is fueled by desire. You cannot endure the intensity of transformation without this crucial driving force. When it comes to actually creating a life they want, the number one barrier for most people is that their desire has been so severed that they don't actually know what they want anymore.

So we have to figure out if your relationship to desire has been tainted in any way. Were you taught that your desires are selfish or unrealistic? That self-sacrifice is better, or that life would be less painful if you lowered the bar?...


In order to restore your relationship to desire, we've got to ask some important questions. Do you know what you want beyond the familial and societal expectations you inherited? If you didn't have to worry about making money, what would you do? If you knew you would die next year, how would spend your time?

With these kinds of questions, you will uncover any deeper desires you might have buried in the past due to the pain of not knowing how to acquire them.


No desire is too big or too arbitrary. You could want to be a better dad, launch a business, pick up an instrument, or heal your body. You could want to learn how to be content in the moment, be more authentic, or learn to say 'no' more gracefully.

Each week, month, and season, we create a roadmap for attaining your desires using both practical and 'magical' embodied healing measures. Then the real journey begins!

2. Step Two

Begin The Work of Healing and Falling in Love With Your Body, So You Can Get What You Want

The pursuit of your desires will, guaranteed, reveal your traumas and conditioning. This is a GOOD THING because obstacles are portals to transformation, and are meant to be gone through, not around. They point your way 'home'. 

It is my job to train you to become a badass alchemist that fears NO obstacle, no pain & no failure. It's not about the destination but about WHO YOU BECOME In the forging process... which is that magnificent, powerful, loving person you've always been underneath the conditioning, the one who is no longer afraid to truly LIVE.


In order to learn how to do that, I will learn your unique path and blueprint and assess when you are ready to learn different tools. 


You will try things like breathwork, sensation mapping, nervous system regulation, theta brainwave meditations, boundary setting, how to communicate with your body, sound and movement healing, emotional reclamation, habit-forming, and mind-expanding techniques...


You will get to know your physical and energetic anatomy & learn how to balance it. You will practice reclaiming your psychic, intuitive, and manifestation powers.


You will see how your life and the world around you transforms with each part of you we piece back together. Your confidence and trust in yourself and Creator will keep growing and allow you to truly enjoy life :)


3. Step Three

Move Towards Mastery. Understand the Principles of Transformation. Repeat Your Successes and Help Others!

Once you start summoning the experiences you deeply desire, your confidence in your transformative powers will grow, and you will want to pursue deeper desires and tackle even bigger obstacles!


As you continue down the road to discovering your true nature and your transformative potential, you will learn that mastery has little to do with which method you use, and everything to do with how well you understand and apply the 10 PRINCIPLES of transformation to your unique being...

This is an important step to understand, because people can get attached to tools and methods and religiously use them even when they aren't appropriate for the situation or even when they've stopped working (because they've evolved past them).

But if you KNOW IN YOUR BONES these 10 main principles...

  • Establish a "Cacoon" for transformation and apply the Solve et. Coagula formula (alchemical equation)

  • Presence is the number one healing currency

  • Democratically distribute presence in your body & maintain balance

  • Embracing paradox births new realities

  • Oscillation is key to transcending fear

  • Sensations guide you home. Open into all sensation including the desire to NOT open

  • Expand your capacity for pleasure

  • Ask questions and embrace the unknown

  • Truth=Love=Freedom

  • As within so without, as above, so below. Learn to read the reflections 

...You will confidently be able to assess what tools you need for whatever situation you are facing.


Kind of like how becoming a master chef isn't about WHAT recipes you know, but HOW you cook and how much you understand the chemistry behind cooking, the art of pairing flavors and visuals, the experience you craft for your patrons...


So too is transformation not about WHAT methods you use, but HOW thoroughly you understand the foundational principals.

So I make sure to empower you with the wisdom you need to keep expanding your potential until it becomes as easy as breathing. In true Mr. Miyagi 'wax on wax off' style, I drip-feed experiential learning to you until transformation stops feeling like an effort and starts to feel like riding a bike.


I also believe in not just 'giving you the fish', but also 'teaching you how to fish'. My goal isn't to have you be dependent on me to feel powerful. I teach you the 'behind-the-scenes' knowledge of why and how your body and how transformational tools work so that that you can replicate success for yourself over and over again.


If you choose, you will be able to guide others as well! The beauty of this program is that it's not designed just as a coaching program, but it's also an apprenticeship. The more you teach the more you learn, and as a collective, we walk each other 'home' when we take turns leading and following.

Program Details

1:1 Coaching Program Breakdown:
The Details Of What You Will Receive



I like to give people a taste of this work and my coaching style before they decide if they want to commit to a 3-month journey with me.  First we will have a FREE 40 min consultation to see if we are a good fit for working together. Then you can try out the Introductory Package which includes 2 sessions with me that will culminate in 5 hours of working together.

  • 1st Session- 3 hr Intake Session

    • We will assess your history, your trauma, your conditioning, the blueprints that make up your body and personality, your learning style, etc., so that I can learn you and customize a transformative journey for you​

    • I will help you get in touch with your true desires and create a road map to attaining them that lights you up 

    • You will be introduced to some light embodiment exercises to get you acquainted with your body and to help build trust with me as your coach

  • ​2nd Session- 2 hr Embodied Transformation Session

    • Based off of the initial intake session, we will pick one area of life you want to transform and dive deeper into the body-based transformational practices. You will get a full experience of what it is like to work with your body and get a sense of the kind of progress that can be made in just one session

    • You will receive light training in consent and nervous system regulation. It's important that you know you are in charge of your body and you decide where your limits are, so communication and consent is very important to establish

Your Investment

2 Session Introductory Package

5 hours total

$ 497

Before You Book Your Introductory Package,  Let's Schedule Your FREE 40 Min Call To See If We're a Good Fit!


Then You Decide If you Want to Continue Working Together or Not. If Yes, We Continue Working in 3 Month Cycles


I work with people for a minimum of 3 months so you have the time and depth you need to start to see real results. Working together for at least a year is ideal if you want to make significant shifts in your life.


After the first 3 months, you have the option to discontinue or sign up for another 3 months for as many 3-month increments as you would like! Once you become a 1:1 coaching client, you have priority scheduling over new clients. I have space for five 1:1 clients at any given time.

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4 Weekly Sessions/ 5.75hrs Per Month- Either online, or in person at my home if you live close by

  • Week 1 session- 2hrs long

    • In this session we look back at the previous month and celebrate what we learned and accomplished. Then, we look forward to the next month. We determine what area of life you want to transform that month. Is it money? Health? Creativity? We construct the 'container' or transformational crucible for that month. We decide what practices we are going to use, what fun homework you are excited to commit to, what practical actions you will take, etc.​

  • Week 2 session- 75 min

    • We dive deep into body-based transformation practices. You will experience how they impact your consciousness and transformation, and you will also get a 'behind-the-scenes look' as to how and why they work

    • You will not only learn transformational tools, but also be drip-fed the 10 principals behind transformation in each session when it is the appropriate time for you to learn​​

  • Week 3 session- 75 min (same structure as second week)

  • Week 4 session-75 min (same structure as second and 3rd week)


Monthly Customized Audio Meditation- Specifically tailored to YOU and what you are working to transform that month, delivered to you after the 2nd session


Recordings Of Our Sessions- Sent to you after each session. If sessions are conducted in person we will create a short video summary at the end of our session. If they are conducted online, the whole thing will be recorded over Zoom and sent to you

Detailed Write Ups- After each session, I will spend 10 minutes summarizing our sessions. You will have access to these notes at any time and can refer to them or add your own. I will link articles & resources here for you too

24/7 Text Messaging Support- Over text message, you can ask for support, ask questions, share realizations, or celebrate your wins with me, and I will respond within 24 hrs

Homework Accountability App- You can choose to opt into an accountability program that will help you track your homework, reach your goals, and stay motivated

The Option to Earn Discounts- I like to reward clients when they are proactive about their transformational journey. If you turn in short weekly write-ups of how you applied what you learned in our session to your life, you can earn a discount for the next cycle of 3 months you sign up for! This reflective exercise helps you grow faster, and also helps you become a better guide for others (if that is something you decide to do one day)

Free Subscription to My Podcast Classroom and Meditation Library- People usually pay $10/episode to have access to all the HW & meditations it contains and you will get it for free for the duration of our 1:1 coaching period

50% Discount On Group Programs- I'm always looking to create group learning experiences either in person or online. You will be notified of any programs that are happening during our time together and welcome to participate in any of them at a discounted rate of 50% off!




$ 4,200

3 Full Months

Save $300


Three Monthly Payments of

$ 1,500

Or Pay Upfront and save $300

Before You Choose a Coaching Plan

Let's Have a Free 40 Min Consultation To See if We Are a Good Fit!


Want To Know What Kinds of Transformation Others Have Experienced?


TRAUMA HEALING: More Powerful Than Therapy

Annika's presence, deep grace, and powerful embodied wisdom make her such a joy to work with! She stayed present with me through upwellings of feeling and insight that were SO much faster and SO much deeper than I get to with my therapist! I experienced love and delight and emotional honesty in a way I hardly ever, ever get to!                                                                                      ~ Melissa R.      

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounted or sliding scale coaching packages?

Yes. If you are serious about committing to this program, and are stressed financially for whatever reason, I do offer sliding scale coaching packages. I take 5 clients at any given time, and I have 2 slots designated for discounted packages. Please reach out and ask if there is space available and we can have a discussion about what payment works for the both of us.

Is Somatic Transformation Coaching like Life Coaching?

In some ways. There are some elements of Life Coaching that I find useful. For example, we help you clarify what you want in your life and offer accountability in reaching your goals. But that is where the similarities end. The majority of life coaching schools train their practitioners to help their clients through having conversations (which is mostly heady) and changing their lives through willpower and setting goals. Unfortunately, when it comes to profound transformation, willpower and goal setting doesn't take you very far when you have undealt-with trauma in your body. My coaching empowers you with knowledge of how to heal and inhabit your body in a way that makes transformation more natural and effortless than willpower and goal setting alone.

How Is Somatic Transformation Coaching similar to Therapy?

It is similar to Therapy in that the results you will glean from our work together are inherently therapeutic. You will heal, learn tools to cope with life, and become more confident and resilient. 

It is dissimilar in that most therapeutic modalities are based on talking, which can only get you so far on your healing/transformational journey. The feedback I've gotten from many clients is that this work penetrates deeper than any therapy they have experienced so far. Not only do we go deeper with powerful body-based transformational tools, but unlike most therapists (even somatically trained therapists, whom I highly respect and recommend) I will give you a unique behind-the-scenes look as to why these tools work and how, so that you can not only apply them to yourself, but you can also guide others through it.


This program is equal parts coaching and equal parts apprenticeship. I believe that you learn best if you also practice guiding and helping others. So not only do you EXPERIENCE transformation but you are TRAINED & EDUCATED about it as well. Most therapists also do not compose long-term transformational roadmaps for you, share notes with you, make themselves available outside of sessions, or designate homework and accountability systems for you to partake in. I've tried my best to create a program that blends the most potent tools I've learned from the worlds of education, therapy, tantra, spirituality, nutrition, mindfulness, and dance/fitness into one program.

Also, because of the nature of how I am able to work under the term 'coach' instead of a therapist, I am not bound to one or two healing modalities. There is a wider range of tools you have access to with me, and I make sure that I customize a unique journey for you based on your blueprint and evolution.

Lastly, I do not diagnose or treat illness like a psychiatrist or a psychologist is able to, and I am not a specialist. While my work is potent and has a broad healing/transformational impact, I recommend that if you are experiencing severe imbalances in your physical and mental wellbeing, that you find a specialist that can help you re-stabilize before you begin your work with me (or if it is appropriate, I've had people work in tandem with me and other practitioners, which greatly benefitted them, and could also be something for you to consider).

Do you work with kids?

At this point in time, I do not, but I can give suggestions for how YOU can work with your kids.

Do you work with couples?

Yes. I don't do entire coaching programs with couples, but I can do one-off sessions or packages with couples. I find that when it comes to transforming relationships, having shared context and language is helpful. When you practice body-based transformational tools together, your intimacy deepens, your relationship becomes more resilient and your communication and partnership skills improve. I like to have conversations first with couples to asses where you are at with your relationship before agreeing to work together.

What areas of life can I expect to find transformation within?

It's up to what you want to focus on! These tools help people in every area of life. Ive helped people find intimacy in relationships, heal gut and ADD issues, heal emotional trauma, learn how to be playful and charismatic, build businesses, strengthen their connection to 'god' or 'the universe', learn how to rest, find their voice, manifest abundance in the form of money, resources, and housing, revolutionize institutions, learn how to cry and be held, learn how to dance, become a better parent... I mean literally no area of life is off-limits.  

What is your transformational work like in the areas of business and entrepreneurship?

Before I pivoted my business to focus solely on teaching the art and science of embodiment and transformation, I was a Business Coach/ Vision Midwife for 5 years. I used a lot of transformation tools to help people get out of their current jobs and start their own business, or find jobs that were more in alignment with their passion. If you are interested in transforming your life specifically in the area of life purpose, business, or entrepreneurship, I have many additional skills to offer you in that particular area of transformation. I can offer high-level visioning, strategical consulting, project management, team building, communication, brand development, leadership skills, program development skills, sales coaching, etc., as well as embodiment skills. If you are interested in getting support in this particular area, let me know in your free 40 min exploration call and we can talk more about this.

What is your training/background in?

My biggest education came from a 12-year-long Tantra apprenticeship (4 of those years were led by renowned Tantra mentor, David Cates, and the rest of those years were guided by rotating leadership amongst the members.) I am a certified practitioner of Vianna Stibal's Theta HealingⓇ technique from the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge. I studied energy work, anatomy, and embodiment with Laura Hames Franklin for a year, whose husband developed the Franklin Method. I got my 200-hr Iyengar yoga certification at the age of 19. I spent 30 years studying emotion and embodiment through dance and studied education and the psychology of learning as a dance teacher for 8 of those years. I did 2 one-year-long programs in mindful inquiry through "The Work of Byron Katie" with Seattle based practitioner Grace Bell. I have informally studied Somatic Experiencing Therapy as a client through my personal therapist. I took multiple workshops with love coach and Non-Violent Communication Practitioner Scott Catamas. There have been endless amounts of books I have read and workshops that I have participated in over the years on the topics of business, community building, relationships, education, healing, nutrition, spirituality, etc., that have been amazing and are too much to name here, but feel free to ask me about them!

Do you give refunds if I find out this work isn't for me?

It's a complicated answer, but essentially, No I do not. I do offer the opportunity to pause and resume your sessions at another time if you have a personal or family emergency come up or any other circumstance that requires you to pause. You may also change the frequency of our sessions and move around dates if you are traveling or need a break from them. I also do my best to make sure we are a good fit for each other in the Introductory 2 session package before you commit to a 3 month package. This is a test period to see if we fit well together. I also encourage frequent open communication between me and my clients so that we can do everything in our power to make your journey absolutely worth it for you. Because of the considerable amount of time and energy it requires for me to invest in a client, apprentice them, make my schedule available inside and outside of sessions, etc. I do not give refunds once you've purchased a 3 month package. After each 3 month package you can assess if you want to stop working with me or continue another 3 month journey, and you of course may discontinue working with me at any time during the middle of a 3 month package, but will be required to pay the remainder of it.

Have you integrated awareness around racism, sexism, classism, gender/sexual orientation etc. in the work you do?

I believe that context is really important in understanding how to heal and how to transform. I've worked with all kinds of bodies from all different kinds of backgrounds and upbringings. While I cannot truly ever experience what someone else has gone through, I have found that empathy is crucial to healing, and the principles of healing and transformation are universal and widely applicable. I will be curious about your religious and cultural background, as well as your conditioning. I will respect your pronouns and sexuality, I will not assume that my experience in this body with this skin color and presentation is the same as the experience in your body. I believe that privilege is real and needs to be acknowledged.

However, one of my strong core values is open-mindedness and being willing to understand anybody's perspective. If you are someone who looks for safety by getting someone to fully agree with your world perspective or religious ideology (by religious i don't mean just spirituality, because religious mentalities show up in every field of thought from science, education, and nutrition, to politics, activism, and identity politics) that is not me. I do not fully agree with or align with any ONE particular ideology, as I find benefits and drawbacks to each ideology. I will honestly and compassionately question your ideology if I believe that it is diminishing your power or self-awareness.


So with that being said, I have noticed that I tend to work better with people who DO NOT overly identify themselves or are entrenched in identity politics, their victimhood, or are hair-trigger sensitive to political correctness. I work well with people who value cultivating a sense of humor, who are willing to embrace the paradox of reverence/irreverence towards all things, are curious, and are dedicated to question binary thinking in pursuit of their own highest truth and empowerment.


I have found that transformation is not possible unless you are willing to embrace the paradox of acknowledging BOTH realities of who you are... someone who may have been a victim to conditioning and circumstances AS WELL as a powerful being that exists beyond identity and is capable of transmuting any pain into power. I believe that in order to experience your power you HAVE to be willing to leave your mental constructs behind, and the mind is the birth place of identity, ideology, and binary thinking.

As an example of my personal attitude towards transformation... I have had straight and queer relationships, open relationships and closed relationships, but I personally don't feel the need to identify as a queer person or as a polyamorous person or need people to recognize me as such. I have been a victim of sexual abuse and believe in equality and respect between genders but I've never identified as a feminist, or blamed/hated men. I believe that loving myself, having radically open and curious conversations, working to understand all people and perspectives (even your 'enemies') without villainizing them, and persistently focusing on cultivating my power in any situation is my path to freedom and empowerment, and so far it has worked well for me.


If you resonate with some of the people i respect and admire like Byron Katie, Daryl Davis, Africa Brooke, Carolyn Elliot, and Gabor Maté  (people I believe who have tremendous empathy and compassion, but also challenge collective and self-sabotage/victimhood mentality) then I believe you will resonate with the work that I do!

If you are looking for a specific container that more emphatically works with sexual, racial, cultural, gender, and class identities, this is probably not the container for you, and I recommend you finding another practitioner or program that supports your needs.

Sign Up

Sign Up!

To Book Your First 2 Session/5hr Introductory Package or to Book Your First 3 Months of Embodied Transformation Coaching, Sign Up For Your Free 40 Min Consultation Call Here!

the road home

I Look Forward to Journeying With You!

With Love- Annika Knepper

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