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DIY Online School

My Podcast + Blog are Designed as an Entertaining, Engaging, & Affordable Online Classroom Instead of a Meandering Radio Show or Newspaper. Each Episode or Article is Full of Practical Tools, Homework, & Downloadable Meditations You Can Immediately Experience & Apply to Your Life Today!

Podcast & Blog Classroom

The road home podcast
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The road home Substack blog
train your brain and body to consistently overcome adversity in this free fundamentals video course

Free Video Course

Free Course


Free Fundamentals


Train Your Body & Brain to Consistently Overcome Adversity

First Watch This Intro Video. Then When You Download This Free 3-day, Value Packed, 9 Module Course, You Will Learn How To...

  • Invoke neuroplasticity in your brain (and invoke it often) to free yourself from stuck patterns

  • Teach your nervous system to alchemize intense sensations so that fear doesn't control you

  • Expand your capacity for pleasure so you can receive more of what you want

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