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Facilitator Consulting

Are You a Coach or Facilitator That Wants To Start or Better Lead Your Own Embodied Transformational Circles or Workshops?



You are passionate about helping people reclaim their bodies and transform their lives...

BUT it can be intimidating to juggle all the people skills, techniques, group dynamics, and design elements you need in order to be a confident leader that people respect, trust, and want to keep learning from.

Common Challenges Facilitators Grapple With


Perfectionsm, performance anxiety & imposter syndrome


Using outdated teaching techniques that exhausts students or loses their attention


Juggling group dynamics & needs of every individual simultaneously


Not knowing how to go off script & improvise to meet the needs of the moment


Unsure which tools to use or when to use them to have the impact you want


Unsure of how to design a long term transformation arc that keeps people coming back

Making a good first impression as a leader is important if you want to retain the trust and interest of your clients and community members. Facilitator consulting will help you steer clear of these pitfalls so you can have the impact you want.

How I can help you

After 12 years of facilitating tantra groups and embodied transformation workshops to hundreds of clients & 8 years of teaching dance to thousands of students, I can show you exactly what soft and hard skills you need to be a compelling leader & make sure your attendees have an inspiring, safe, and life-changing experience.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced facilitator that wants to improve, I can help you 

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uplevel your leadership skills, people skills, and help you deliver your content in a compelling & inspiring way

Guide you in designing a learning arc for your workshop or ongoing circle, recommend potent embodiment & transformation exercises, & train you on how to deliver it all

Teach you how to masterfully balance the needs of both the group & the individuals, disarm conflict, build trust, & prevent re-traumatizing events from happening

Here's How It Works

1. Step One 

Schedule a free 40 min consultation

Tell me your needs and I will help customize a consulting plan for you. Do you need help with

  • building a workshop or on-going circle from scratch?

  • already have a circle or workshop planned & need help sprucing up the design and content?

  • need help diagnosing problems and implementing solutions to improve your leadership & deliver attendees the kind of transformation they want?

  • want help co-facilitating your workshop? You can even fly me out and support you leading in real time. I will give you valuable feedback about your leadership and the attendees experience that is harder for me to give if I'm not there. You'll get a chance to watch how I facilitate in real-time as well and experientially learn from my teaching style.

2. Step Two 

Get a Quote

What format of consulting best suits you?  I can help customize a plan for you or you can choose from one of the options below

$ 175/hr

Ideal for facilitators who have experience & need advice in specific areas to up-level their game

  • Get expert advice on leadership

  • Help troubleshooting any problem you experience as a facilitator

  • Receive direction on how to design your workshop or on-going transformational circle 

  • Get ideas for new embodiment tools and transformational processes that will impres your attendees

  • Get feedback on your facilitation skills

3. Step Three 

Develop Facilitation Mastery!

Book a customized or pre-packaged plan and get expert support on becoming a masterful leader who will positively transform the lives of their clients and community! If you're ready, go ahead and book you free discovery call today. I can't wait to work with you and watch you shine.

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