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Hey There, Annika Here...

Harbinger of profound experiences you deeply want, but are scared to have ;)

Those who know me best will tell you that I have an insatiable need to uncover the capital 'T' 'Truth'. You know, the wordless desire we all share to go home, or rather come home, into who we truly are.

Well, throughout the last couple of decades as a dancer, dance teacher, vision midwife, and member of an underground 12-year-long communal tantra apprenticeship/laboratory, I have learned that our brilliant bodies are where it's at when it comes to finding a vehicle that will take us home.

Our bodies can be a vicious hellhole, or a verdant garden for our psyches depending on how you inhabit them.


The more I understood and fell in love with my animal body, the more I would experience profound shifts in consciousness and transformation in regards to the personal and collective trauma I inherited. My road has been fraught with divorce, abandonment, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, mental illness, financial scarcity, chronic illness and the loss of close loved ones. I'm most certain life has left you some scars too.

The more I dove into my body for answers, the more I would discover that each obstacle I faced was, in fact, also a portal into profound healing, integration, intimacy, trust, power, pleasure, laughter, creativity, abundance, and belonging. They can be for you too, if you have the courage to form a partnership with your body like you never have before! It can be terrifying, especially in a culture that represses the body at every turn, which is why I want to create a big permission field for you to explore and reclaim your body and find home in it again.

The best way to get to know me is through my podcast.


There, you will hear more about crazy stories of transformation from myself and those I love and the lessons we learned along the way. But more importantly, I believe that education and empowerment is more important than just listening to stories. There is no 'one-size-fits all' protocol or set of tools when it comes to transformation, but there ARE fundamental principles of transformation. Testing out these priniciples and accumulating lived experiences will be paramount to your road to mastery in the art and science of transformation...which is why you will walk away from each episode with inspiring homework you can download and immediately apply to your life. It is, by far, the most affordable way to begin working with me!


You will also hear me wax poetic about how amazing your body is and everything you can do with it! Most importantly, you will learn how your body will point you to your unique portals back home. Nobody can walk your unique road home all the way with you, but that doesn't mean we must journey alone. In fact, in my experience, we need to hold hands and take turns following eachother's guidance along the way. Which is why I also am fascinated with group consciousness and community rehabilitation. You'll learn more about that later.

So, if you're up for it! Come dive into my world through my podcast, and see if it's a road you want to travel down with me for a bit! I'll see you there <3

Want to know more about my credentials?

My biggest education came from a 12-year-long Tantra apprenticeship (4 of those years were led by renowned Tantra mentor, David Cates, and the rest of those years were guided by rotating leadership amongst the members.)


I am a certified practitioner of Vianna Stibal's Theta HealingⓇ technique from the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge. I studied energy work, anatomy, and embodiment with Laura Hames Franklin for a year, whose husband developed the Franklin Method. I got my 200-hr Iyengar yoga certification at the age of 19.


I spent 30 years studying emotion and embodiment through dance and studied education and the psychology of learning as a dance teacher for 8 of those years. I did 2 one-year-long programs in mindful inquiry through "The Work of Byron Katie" with Seattle based practitioner Grace Bell.


I have informally studied Somatic Experiencing Therapy as a client through my personal therapist. I took multiple workshops with love coach and Non-Violent Communication Practitioner Scott Catamas. There have been endless amounts of books I have read and workshops that I have participated in over the years on the topics of business, community building, relationships, education, healing, nutrition, spirituality, etc., that have been amazing and are too much to name here, but feel free to ask me about them!

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