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The 3rd step in the process of transformation is learning how to expand your capacity for pleasure. This is just as important as expanding your capacity to alchemize pain. I guarantee you that the reason why you don't have the thing that you want, is because your body pushes it away when it get's close to you. That way it can stay within it's zone of comfort. When we expand our capacity for pleasure, we are simultaneously practicing our ability to RECEIVE. Transforming your life requires BOTH pursuing what you want in a penetrative way, as well as magnetizing it in a receptive way, something the majority of the people in our hyper-productive culture have little practice with. We must oscillate between both states. Learn how make-believing is a potent tool for your body to practice receiving pleasure.

Video 3.1

Unless You Train Your Body To Receive Pleasure, It will Reject What You Want


Video 3.2

Demonstration Of How Make-Believing Will Train Your Body To Align With The Frequency Of What You Want


Video 3.3

Congratulations, You Made It to the End of the Course! Let's Celebrate Your Progress! After Watching This Last Video, Go Ahead & Scroll Down For Your Special Offer


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