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Theta HealingⓇ Sessions

I am a certified practitioner of the Theta Healing technique. It is a specific healing modality developed by Vianna Stibal (founder of Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge) which creates rapid physical, mental, and emotional healing utilizing theta brainwaves.




Single 90 min Session

$ 175

Package of 4 Sessions


Save $100

Theta brainwaves are a powerful state of consciousness within which profound healing can happen on many levels (physical, emotional, mental, genetical, historical, etc.). Theta is the brainwave that is associated with deep meditative states, or the stage of sleep we experience while dreaming. In Theta Healing, practitioners are trained to stay awake in this brainwave, and use it to psychically and intuitively pick up on what is happening in the client's body, psyche, and spirit. The client can experience healings on deeper subconscious and unconscious levels while utilizing this brainwave that are harder to shift in more conscious states. If you would like to see my certifications click here.

I offer single or packaged sessions in this specific technique outside of my 1:1 coaching program. If you would like to experience a Theta Healing session, go ahead and book a 40 min free consultation with me HERE to see if we are a good match for working together. From there, if you decide you want to work together, we can get you on the schedule.

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